RASTA – Modular Aluminum Mold

RASTA – modular aluminum molds available in a variety of sizes. 
Reduce worker input and significantly cut back costs for the contractor.

:Contractor advantages

♦  Mold weight: approximately 23 kg/m2 – about 45% less than steel molds.

♦  Designed to withstand pressure up to 60 kg/m2.

♦  RASTA molds are a modular shelf product available in a variety of sizes, tailored to
     each project's specific engineering needs.

♦  The mold is encased in high quality plywood, allowing for a large number of casts to be made without the need for plywood replacement.

♦  Reinforced corners, providing high durability during construction.

♦  Joint molds can be hoisted and moved as one using a crane.

♦  Molds are light enough for a single worker to lift and move, saving crane time
    or eliminating the need for a crane altogether.

♦  No need for professional wood molders.

♦  Long shelf life and extremely low wear and tear.

♦  Return of Investment within 2-3 projects, or 18-20 months.

♦  Fully compatible with RASTO steel molds.

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